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COM 486  Week 1 Individual Assignment IMC and CMM Basics   COM 486  Week 2 Assignment Message Map Presentation   COM 486  Week 3 Assignment Marketing Communications Plan   COM 486  Week 4 Individual Assignment Movie Promotion and Advertis..

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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that compares two competitors that produce at least two different products or services; for example, Nike and Adidas. Describe the strategies that each brand uses to differentiate its products or services from its competitor using integrated marketing communi..

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Choose either the catering, conference, or hotel businesses on Baderman Island. Identify and explain the essential elements of a Message Map™ based on the template provided in Figure 4–3, CMM Message Map™, of your text, Customer Message Management. Address the four principles of Customer Mess..

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Select a product that is struggling in the market today—for example, dial-up Internet companies, PDAs or sport utility vehicles—and a particular target audience. Conduct a promotions opportunity analysis to determine what promotional opportunities exist for the chosen company, who the target..

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You work for a large movie studio and your job is to promote and advertise a new movie. Choose the type of movie and the target audience the studio hopes to attract. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word proposal for your plan to promote and advertise this new movie and how you will integrate marke..

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Resource: BadermanIsland Virtual Organization Refer to Baderman Island Virtual Organization and the catering, conference, or hotel business component that you used for the Week Two Learning Team assignments. Follow the steps outlined below to create a marketing communications campaign for yo..

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